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El Paso Paper Box offers a full suite of services to our packaging customers. From pre-press to carton finishing we can provide exactly what you need, when you need it.

iconCustomer Care

We excel at developing long-lasting relationships with our customers. Many of our existing customers are still with us since our inception in 1995! From our on-line access and inventory to working with the best and brightest customer service team in the industry, El Paso Paper Box ensures the optimum in service and reliability. All our customer service team is bilingual, adding value to all relationship with multiple plants along the US Mexico border.

iconCAD and Pre-Die Cutting Department


Our team of experienced CAD designers enjoy taking your concepts and fine tuning them to deliver a functional, efficient design to meet your most exacting standards. We have the latest in state-of-the art equipment to manufacture all our cutting tools in house. This benefits our customers with reduced tooling cost as well as expediting any project.



Once we have a design – or if we’re using an existing one – our Pre-press department will take over, ensuring the proper fit of your artwork to the die, and making sure all the requisite traps, screens, and other graphic elements will yield a carton of which you can be proud.

When you have approved your artwork, our in-house plate-setter will be factored into the equation, generating the printing plates to the highest standards the industry has to offer. We scan UPC’s and other bar codes on the plate before they are even released to the production floor, so you will have no issues with your customers at the check-out register.



Our modern 7-color plus coating presses means we can handle the most exacting print requirements, along with the latest printing techniques like stochastic and Expanded Color Gamut (ECG). We use a wide variety of aqueous and UV coatings are available, in addition to some specialized coatings and treatments.

With both 41” and 57” press sizes, we are well equipped to supply both low and high-volume order requirements.



We can laminate e-flute to any board with formats from 22” to 65” and thickness up to 0.4



Utilizing the latest in Bobst cutting technology, our cutting department can handle even the most challenging die cutting requirements. On-press stripping and blanking is commonly used, and every order is reviewed and discussed prior to initiating production, so last-minute cutting problems are significantly minimized.

We can cut formats from 16” to 57” wide. Our machines are equipment with Power registration which eliminate registration issues.



Our sophisticated finishing department relies on our multiple Bobst gluers to create the finest end product anywhere. High volume throughput and on-machine quality checks ensure that your end-users will be more than satisfied!

Inserting of labels, coupons, Checkpoint and Sensormatic tags are all available options.

We offer a variety of pack-out options, from traditional RSC cases to direct on pallet configurations. Layering, collating. Our MFT 550 state of the art equipment can handle up to 6 stations. Just tell us what you need!

Our state-of-the-art Kohmann windowing machines allows us to run multiple streams of cartons, utilizing a wide variety of windowing materials, from acetate to poly.

Working with El Paso Paper Box goes beyond a surface level relationship. We treat our customers like partners. Contact us today.

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